“What if there was a better way for resellers to source homeware?” 


This is the question that started our journey to create Shaded Spruce.

Having seen first-hand the time-consuming admin needed and complications in sourcing products, we understood the industry required a middleman. We knew we could help.


We saw a chance to make sourcing high-quality homeware better, simpler, and smoother.

So we combined our passion for discovering beautiful design with the relationships we’d built with trusted partners in India to offer gorgeous homeware products to resellers – without all the hassle. 


But for us, it was also vital to make it ethical. 

We were determined to set up a business that created opportunities and prosperity for everyone involved. 

So we partnered with producers in India whom we know and trust. That means we can ensure that workers benefit from a fair wage and working conditions. We also source labor within local villages, allowing investment into the local communities through income and capital. 

And it’s not just respect for people. We’re always working towards greater sustainability and improving our environmental impact. 

Today we are proud to offer our selection of homeware including our in house, unique designs based on our clean, modern aesthetic, to resellers who desire high-quality products without overseas sourcing.

Our services include customisation- if you have a specific style, theme, or design in mind, we can help you create it, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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